‘In Memoriam’ donation

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For your donation large or small, the ALS Liga makes its call.

BE28 3850 6807 0320 and BIC BBRUBEBB is the number of our bank,

The Group thanks you warmly.

From 40 euro's yearly a fiscal certificate (distributed in february of the following year),

this way our Union can be immaculate.

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Can we help the Liga?

Of course.

Even with small amounts. Sometimes it’s only a drop on a hot furnace. But, many drops make a puddle.

Furthermore, every deposit from € 40 over a whole year grants you a fiscal certificate. For every donation you’ll also receive a personally addressed thank you letter.

ALS Liga België is being stimulated, motivated and managed by people who are close to the ALS issue. Moreover our accounting is transparent. Your donation will be used in the way you indicate it.

We work professionally with the enthusiasm of the amateur. All employees, whether they volunteer or don’t, are ridden with one idea: to help our dearest brother, sister, husband, wife, friend, father or mother with all our healthy force and energy.

But that’s why we need YOUR help as well, small or big. To us every help is of PRICELESS value.

U can deposit your donation here:


BE28 3850 6807 0320 and BIC BBRUBEBB

ALS Liga België vzw



We’d also like to use this occasion to thank everyone again for the many small and large gifts we were able to receive the last few years. These donations are being deployed to accomplish the goals of the ALS Liga:

1. Short Term

- To inform about ALS by means of brochures, a news letter, a contact weekend and a website

- Tools and their maintenance (ALS Mobility en Digitalk), see also “Projects and Services”

- Research to the origin and treatment of ALS in Belgium. Among other things we offer support by providing appliances or models to make this research possible. Be wary we only deposit the donations with the mention "A cure for ALS" in the ALS research fund that’s being invested in Belgian researchers.

2. Long term

- A good support in home caring and home relief for all ALS patients, because for many patients it’s essential to stay in their familiar home environment in the last phase of their life. We’d also like to pay the necessary attention to the role of the caregiver. We’d like to start a network of volunteers to support them.

- For those home support isn’t possible, we’d like to erect a specialized care center with specialized staff and support.


Again a warm thank you for your support!

The ALS board


Tax reduction

If you’d donate 40 euros or more, you get a considerable tax reduction. In this table you can see what you’d save.


The tax deduction becomes a tax reduction

When you make a donation, you are entitled to a tax reduction of 45% of the made donations in the next fiscal year. Tax certificates are awarded in the spring following the year of the gift.

Amendments to the code of the income taxes 1992.

The provisions under 3° tot 8° of the article 104, and the articles 107 till 111 were removed and replaced by the article 14533, 1, first member, 1°, e, of the code of the income taxes 1992.


‘In Memoriam’ donation

Memories make us who we are
They are a celebration of life and tell our stories

Maybe a loved one died of ALS, or maybe you gave care to someone with that disease and a donation can be a meaningful way to remember and commemorate this person with respect.

Here are some tips to commemorate your loved one with respect.

1. Donate on the birthday of your passed away loved one or donate on a regular basis by bank.



2. Organize an ‘in memoriam ceremony’ and invite your family and friends to a brunch, coffee and cake, or possibly a small party where you celebrate your passed away loved one one more time, and ask the invitees if they’d like to donate to the ALS liga or one of her funds instead of bringing a gift.


3. Ask your family and friends to donate to the ALS liga on your birthday instead of giving you a present.


Give a standing order

However you’d make that donation, and how small or large that donation may be, you can be assured it’ll be received gratefully and will be used meaningfully for one of our projects you chose yourself.

Every donation from € 40 over the course of a year grants you a fiscal certificate. For every donation you also get a personalized thank you letter.

You can give the ALS Association Belgium vzw certainty by depositing a monthly fixed amount.  However small the amount, your long-term engagement will allow us to continue to support people suffering from ALS by means of tools, care support …



Let us briefly list the reasons why we deserve your permanent support:

Certainty to guarantee our services on the long-term because your support helps people with ALS.  You give them the opportunity for a better quality of life.  Opportunities that they would not otherwise get

- All deposits are added and when a total amount of at least 40€ is reached, on a yearly basis, you will receive a tax certificate, so you pay less taxes.

You only have to go to your bank once by downloading the form on this page, completing the term and the amount of your deposit and handing it over to your bank.  The bank automatically processes your deposits and in addition you can stop the deposits at any moment in time by giving your bank a call.

- You feel more involved, because you can closely monitor the working of the association.  We will send you an overview of your deposits every 3 months and will inform you about what you have supported.


To print and complete the order form, right click on the file below and then click “save target as…”