Facebook fundraiser

Since a few years, Facebook offers the opportunity to raise money to the benefit of the ALS League. These donations via Facebook qualify for a tax certificate. Provide fisc.attest@als.be your name and address data, mentioning please tax certificate. Donating via Facebook is completely safe. The money donated is twice a month transfered to the account of the ALS League.

Step 1: Log in
Log in to your Facebook account and visit our Facebook page. Then click ‘Make a fundraiser’ beneath our banner on top of the page.

Step 2: Getting started
Choose ‘ALS Liga – Ligue SLA’ as the organisation for who you will raise funds. Then choose the target amount and an end date for your fundraiser. The choice is fully yours. Click ‘Next’.

Step 3: Personalise
Choose a name for your fundraiser. Tell us why you like to support the pALS.

Step 4: Create!
Click ‘Create’ and your Facebook fundraiser goes live. It is now published on your time line and the one of others.

Step 5: Spread the word!
To reach as much friends as possible, be persistent! Share your fundraiser multiple times using the ‘Share’ button. Aso ask your friends to share the action.

Thank you for your contribution.

Facebook Fundraisers