In case you wish to break the social isolation of pALS, please make a donation to the ‘ALS Liga’ and mention ‘MaMuze’ fund.
Over the course of a year, for a donation as of 40 euro you will receive a tax certificate.


Your donation to the MaMuze fund will be dedicated for 100 % to the following goal:

Because of their high need for care, the lives of pALS is as a rule completely reduced to a home situation. This in combination with the psychological process of coping with the disease makes them very prone to social isolation. The MaMuze fund of the ALS Liga wants to remedy this by making participation to social life pleasurable for Pals. Please find some examples hereafter:

Middelpunt is always at the disposal of all ALS patients, both nationally and internationally. With the support of the MaMuze fund the center is multifunctional as far as accessibility is concerned. Your donation assures pALS and their families of a pleasant stay at the Belgian coast. (

Every year the ALS Liga organizes its ALS contact moment in care center Middelpunt. In order to give our pALS during this weekend a real sense of vacation without worries, we offer them during the ALS contact moment relaxation and enjoyment therapies, possibilities of recreation and tools. This way they can forget about their daily struggle for a moment by ‘getting out of it for a while’ with their families and friends, regain their breath, sniff the fresh sea air….to return home with charged batteries.

To give pALS the possibility to take part in relaxation activities and events which are organized by the League itself, or by other organizations in cooperation with us. Think of sports events, cultural trips, walking, cycling, sailing…If you want to stay informed about our MaMuze fund visit our website, social media regularly. Also read our ALS Liga-magazine.

Thanks to the contributions of many people we make a dream come true. We count on your participation!