Conditions of use

In general

This website, all underlying pages inclusive, and the information published on these pages (the ‘website’), is offered to you by ALS Liga België vzw. ALS Liga België vzw, with company number 455.335.321, has its seat at Kapucijnenvoer 33 B/1, 3000 Leuven.

Acceptance of the conditions of use

The use of this website is subordinate to the conditions of use and restrictions that are included below. By visiting and using this website, you agree that these conditions of use and all conditions that are included or referred to and/or mentioned elsewhere on this website are applied, and that you accept them. When you do NOT agree with these conditions of use, you should not use this website. The ALS Liga België vzw retains the right to alter these conditions of use periodically and to add or remove parts according to its own insight and discretion. By using the website after the publication of alterations, you accept these altered conditions of use.

Disclaimer with regard to the website

This website is designed for general informative purposes only. The website does not contain information that is meant to serve as advice. To keep all information on this website current, accurate, factually correct and reliable, ALS Liga België vzw pursuits precise verification of the information. The content of the website (hyperlinks included) can always be improved, altered, completed or deleted by ALS Liga België vzw, without preceding announcement or notification.

This website can contain hyperlinks and/or references to other websites and data that are offered or managed by a third party (“information of third parties”). ALS Liga België vzw does not have an influence or is by no means responsible for the information of these third parties. ALS Liga België vzw has only included such information of third parties for the ease of the user. ALS Liga België vzw does not guarantee that the information on the website, including the information of third parties, is available, usable, reliable, correct and/or complete. Neither does ALS Liga België vzw guarantee that the website functions correct and uninterrupted and/or will be continuously accessible. 

Restrictions of liability with regard to the website

No rights can be derived from the information that is offered on the website. The use of the website and information that is offered on this website is and remains entirely for the risk of the user. ALS Liga België vzw cannot be held responsible or will not accept its liability for damage, in any shape, manner or form, whatsoever, that is in any way the result of the content, the use or the availability of the website, including (and without any restriction) the damaging of data, equipment or computer equipment belonging to you or a third party. ALS Liga België vzw cannot be held responsible or will not accept its liability under any circumstances, for any act or neglect of third parties concerning or related to information of third parties.

Obligations of the user

Users of this website will take care that:

1) Only authorized and competent people have access to this website;

2) This website will not be used improperly or contrary to the relevant laws and regulations;

3) The intellectual rights of ownership of ALS Liga België vzw will be respected;

4) The systems, including the software, that the user employs to connect with the website will be free from defects or viruses that can harm the website;

5) There will not be made or placed any utterances or messages on the website that are deliberately incorrect, threatening insulting, discriminating, intimidating, unlawful, infringing, libellous, vulgar, obscene, disgraceful, deceiving or fraudulent, or that can be interpreted that way.   

Personal data

Personal data that are provided or collected through this website will only be used according to the privacy law.

Intellectual rights of ownership

All intellectual rights of ownership (including, but not restricted to data of authors, brands, trade names and data bases) in, on and with regard to the website (including, but not restricted to information, text, images, video material, logos, pictures and illustrations on the website, the layout and the design of the website) of intern productions rest with ALS Liga België vzw and its licensers. The use of (information offered on) this website is only permitted for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Regardless of the means by which (e.g. automated software), the shape in which (e.g. hyperlinks, deep links) or the medium to which it is possible, it is not permitted to copy or reproduce intern productions or (any part of) the website for non-personal, commercial purposes without prior explicit and written permission of the ALS Liga. All copyrights and other mentions of property should be preserved on all reproductions and copies.

Cancellation of donations

There is no cancellation scheme provided for a donation made.

Applicable law

These conditions of use are governed by the Belgian law. All disputes that result from or that are connected with the website and the information that can be found on it, belong to the exclusive competence of the authorized judge in Leuven.

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