ALS care residence 'Middelpunt'


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Plan of Middelkerke - Click here

Today an ALS specialized care residence doesn’t exist in Belgium. This is why the ALS Liga took the initiative to start a project to build a care residence at the Belgian shore. ‘Middelpunt’ in Middelkerke is a cooperation with Service center GID(t)S. There’ll be room for 20 patients and their caretakers.

At the Belgian shore ALS patients can relax completely and regain energy. The care residence will be a multifunctional and specialized care residence where the patients ‘home situation is simulated as well as possible. Specially trained professionals will be there to cooperate with a network of volunteers and other caretakers.

The sea air doesn’t only offer more comfort to patients with breathing problems, all patients, in every stage of the disease, will find something to their comfort. Seaside is located only 500 meters from the center and is accessible by wheelchair. There’s also an adapted public pool in the village. In addition, many activities get organized at the Belgian shore, which can offer adequate relaxation and distraction to our patients. The center itself also offers numerous relaxation possibilities, besides a number of therapies.

Everything ALS Liga has realized so far happened through sponsors, service clubs, gifts and sympathizers to which we are very grateful. This project too has been realized and will start in june 2013.

To maintain a specialized care residence however, a big financial budget is needed. Hopefully you wish to stand at our side to help back this project. Gifts are still more than welcome. New gifts will be gathered in the “MaMuze” fund that will be used to support the patients on scene.

Your gift will be met with a taxibility certification. For large gifts you’ll also get an honorary mention.

Bronze gift: 2.500 euro

Silver gift: 5.000 euro

Gold gift: 10.000 euro

Diamond gift: 15.000 euro

Briljant gift: 25.000 euro

Platinum gift: 50.000 euro


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with reference: MaMuzefonds