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Become a hero to your fellow patients!

ALS Liga calls for pALS to become fundraisers to dispel the disease

Being affected by ALS is terrible and drastic, but it can also become the beginning of something new, because more and more pALS turn into (excellent) fundraisers. That’s how they become true heroes to their companions in need. That’s why ALS Liga is looking for more pALS to collect the necessary funds for scientific research.

After being diagnosed with ALS it’s possible that patients end up in a social isolation, but that doesn’t need to be the case when some adjustments are made. There are plenty of people who can prove this.

Role model

Take Marianne, who was diagnosed with ALS three years ago. She didn’t give up and started to voluntarily and actively make an effort for other pALS. Together with family and friends she mobilized all local schools, companies and organizations during her battle against ALS. Late last year she organized a big event and this year an even bigger one. In the meantime Marianne has turned into a true role model concerning fundraising. Her continuous efforts have been the best remedy against social isolation after all.

Do you want to, just like Marianne (but also Eric, Ignace, Timmy, Linda, Kris, Eddy, Mil, Rudy, Lucrèce, Ronny, Antonio, Mirjam, Marc, Erwin, Roger, Angie, Wilfried and many others), engage yourself for other patients in your situation? Then don’t hesitate to contact the ALS Liga. Because you too can turn into a hero for thousands of companions!

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Together we’ll fight against ALS: Are you in?


What can you do?

Incredible but true: in 2014 the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge flooded the world.

Thanks to your support, the ALS Liga has allocated the proceeds entirely to the scientific research “Project MinE Belgium”, which attempts to find the genetic causes of ALS. The hope to find a solution in the near future increases every day. However, the fight isn’t over yet.


Have you already done the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Spread the word!

The more people who #ChallengeALS, the sooner we will find a treatment!



Have you not yet done the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Herman Van Rompuy, president emeritus of the European Council and ambassador of Project MinE, challenges you !

1. Prepare a bucket of water with ice cubes.

2. Have someone film you.

3. Pour the bucket of water over your head – being diagnosed with ALS also feels like getting an ice-cold shower.

4. Nominate 3 friends to take the Ice Bucket Challenge as well.

5. Do you accept the challenge? Donate an amount of your own choice.

Do you not accept the challenge? Donate the amount determined by your challenger.

6. Put the video on your social media and tag the ALS League.


What more can you do?

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Your support makes the difference in the lives of people who fight against this disease.


Our ambassadors also took the Ice Bucket Challenge!